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Hi there! I’m surprised you found me…and I bet if you are reading this you are probably my kind of chemist: an organic chemist. Not that other types of chemistry are bad…not at all. In fact inorganic chemistry is awesome  and I respect those who love analytical or pchem the way I love organic.  My fascination with organic started my first year of college and has blossomed into a full blown obsession. I mean, I do have a life outside of chemistry but I’d be hard pressed to come up with a subject that interests me more. But enough of about me, I know why you’re here, you wanna hear about the latest and greatest methods being developed around the world right?

No? You still want to hear about me? Well, okay! I’m a current graduate student at the University of Connecticut pursuing my Ph.D. in you guessed it…organic chemistry. As an undergrad I worked for Dr. Leon Tilley investigating the synthetic potential of the gamma-silyl effect. I’m actually still working with him on getting what I did published (hopefully soon). I worked at Columbia for a bit, under Dr. Dalibor Sames, as part of an NSF REU Program. That’s where I became addicted to methodology development, while working on C-H Bond Activation chemistry. That’s the sort of chemistry I’m into. Coming up with new ways to make syntheses easier by developing new reactions. I mean hell I can’t think of anything cooler than saying “Hey, see that reaction? I came up with that!” <==== The essence of my nerdiness. Here at UConn, I work in the (in my opinion) leading methodology development group at Storrs under Dr. Nicholas Leadbeater. I mean I just started in September and I already have one paper and  another under review. I plan on at least quadrupling that number by the time I leave hopefully to purse a post-doc and then finally ascend to the ranks of FULL PROFESSORSHIP (*dramatic music*).  


Figure One: The Author next to our Flow Reactor

So what is New Reactions all about? Glad you asked. I want to be honest with you, I know I’m no Suzuki or Corey or Fukuyama. I can’t give you the kind of insight that they have (and I wish I will one day have). All I hope to do is present what I think are the most interesting pieces of work in the literature (in the style of another great website that focuses on the latest total syntheses). I’m not a genius, and I don’t pretend to be. If you disagree with my interpretation of a reaction or some part of the literature I’m reviewing (and I may be completely off base) then by all means reply to my blog posts! And feel free to leave comments on what you think is interesting. Oh and if you need to contact me send me an email!

See you on the other side of the flask