New Chemistry Blog: B.R.S.M.

So while browsing though my Twitter and a few chem blogs, I stumbled onto a new (and awesome) chem blog, B.R.S.M (Based on Recovered Starting Materials). It’s pretty well written and focuses primarily on total synthesis. So go check it out! And be sure to stay tuned here, new post coming soon (I promise!).


New Chem Blogs added

Check out the links section for some new chemistry blogs. Just add: Chemfun (which has some pretty awesome links including their “named rules and effects” section which did a better job at explaining the Zimmerman Traxler model than anywhere else I’ve); Synthetic Remarks (which has some very awesome and very humorous posts); Transition States (a blogsphere hosted by C&EN with the focus on “the transition from undergrad researcher to grad student, and all that goes along with it”, with contributions from some fellow bloggers like ChiralJones).


This guy needs A LOT more funding, this could revolutionize the food industry…


Thanks to all the people who have come to look at my site via the Reddit Chemistry! You all made my link #1 today!!! THANKS!

another new chemistry blog out there!

check out “The boiling point”, its pretty sweet, good writing too!

Antimatter on earth? Awesome! (thanks mike!)