Two new ChemSpider pages!

So when I had a fraction of a second of free time, I wanted to do something relatively enjoyable but also productive. So I decided to submit two of my procedures to Chemspider’s synthetic pages. Here are the links:

Link 1: Esterification Procedure

Link 2: Silylation of Phenylacetylene

Both of these reactions gave excellent yields (though they aren’t the most complicated in the world). As a note, the esterifcation procedure is probably the best I’ve used and it works with most esters I’ve made! Hope you all like them!



  1. The 2nd procedure needs a bit of clarification: “… the aqueous layer was extracted three times (≈100 each).” Extracted with what? Those 100 are probably ml’s, right? Don’t let slips like these ruin an otherwise great work.

    • Thanks for that catch and the compliment! I added a comment to the bottom of the article. However, it should certainly be mLs and the extraction solvent was hexanes.

  2. The esterification procedure is too complicated. Why not use simple ethanol straight out of the can (can contain a few % water). Moreover, 0.2 equiv. conc. sulfuric acid is too much. A few drops generally do the job.

  3. Oh I’m sure that you could get away with using ethanol out of the can, but we already had a drum of absolute in our lab so I figured why not remove that as a variable. Plus the majority of ethanol (at least on sigma) is 200 proof, and using absolute prevents any side reactions with denaturants such as methanol or isopropanol. As for the acid, that was how much that was used in the orginal procedure (5 mL to 0.56 mol of the crotonic acid, what they were esterifying). Could I have used less? Yes certainly, but why fix something that’s working fine :P.

  4. A good chemist should not always simply follow given procedures (especially when performing Ph.D.). You should also think of costs and relevance for environment.
    Apart from that, keep on going, very nice blog. I enjoy reading very much.

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