Third Publication!

So its FINALLY official. I got my third publication today, and its up on the ASAPs for Organic Process Research and Development, an ACS journal (my favorite kind, followed closely by Wiley). Check it out here. Basically what me and my labmates did in this article is we modified our Uniqsis Flowsyn flow reactor so that we could introduce gas into the reactor coil. We initially tested it with just plain old air, but then we tried to come up with an application. Since hydrogenations had been done (and there are commercial, specialized reactor for them) we checked to see if anyone had done a straight out carbonylation in flow. While carbonylations yielding amides had been done, no carbonylation to form esters had yet been done. Therefore we used this to determine the feasibility of doing carbonylations this way in flow. Turns out it works really well with little problems in the area of clogging. So, while it may not be earth-shattering chemistry, it does allow for a quick (10-20 minutes) way to convert aryl iodides into esters!


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