New Chem Blogs added

Check out the links section for some new chemistry blogs. Just add: Chemfun (which has some pretty awesome links including their “named rules and effects” section which did a better job at explaining the Zimmerman Traxler model than anywhere else I’ve); Synthetic Remarks (which has some very awesome and very humorous posts); Transition States (a blogsphere hosted by C&EN with the focus on “the transition from undergrad researcher to grad student, and all that goes along with it”, with contributions from some fellow bloggers like ChiralJones).



  1. These procedures are oddly familiar – because I have done them with my hands, then wrote them up, couple years back. It turns out three out of last four posts at “Chemfun” are copied from Org Prep Daily verbatim (including the drawings) without the attribution… I wonder from where did this little shit copy the remaining posts..

    • Really??? I’m so sorry I didn’t even realize that was the case. This a really terrible move, I will be removing them from my links and I think you should certainly attempt to contact them to demand some form of citation. Again I’m really really sorry!

    • I am really really sorry, this site is only for convenience of my own, did not expect to have a friend who will pay attention to it. Apologize to you again! . I have deleted the content!

  2. He stole the named rules and effects from Reich’s page at UW-Madison. Link there instead, it’s AMAZING.

  3. Just added it, It really is AWESOME!!!

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