The Chemical Gods

Oh they exist. Believe me, I know. If you displease them, prepared to be owned by chemistry. Your reaction will explode, your precious next-to-last-step intermediate in your total synthesis will decompose on your column, or you will find out that E. J. Corey just completed the total synthesis you were working on two weeks ago and in 5 less steps than you. If you mess with the chemical gods you WILL get burned. So…how do you appease them? Well, I have yet to find a way. I do know that if you respect the round bottom flask, don’t let your hubris get to you publish that article in an ACS journal, and sacrifice some newborns, you may keep them happy (just kidding about the last one).
Yesterday (and to an extent Friday), the Chemical Gods, particular the God of Organic Chemistry, smiled upon me. I was able to not only able to get my methodology working (which flat out owns a recent Org. Lett. article, more on that once I get more done with it) but I was also able to bring it from 33% conversion to 90% conversion. When microwaves aren’t causing your reaction vessels to explode, they are actually really good at methodology screening. I was able to go a total of 12 reactions with workups on Friday and Sunday. I know, I’m lame I went into work on Sunday. It was actually pretty nice. I was really productive (even if I was stalled initially because of some chemicals that went MIA). I’m excited for today. Time to go bow to the chemical gods, do some blood rituals and hopefully the streak of favorable results will continue. Ckellz…Signing off!


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