So I’ve been following posts on the Chemical Forums for some time and I finally started posting. I’m specifically posting in the section for, you guessed it, graduate and professional organic chemistry. The other day though, I found what I think could revolutionize chemistry: a portable benchtop nmr. Here’s the link to Picospin, the company manufacturing the device. I got so excited when I saw it. I mean hey it’s only 20,000 for an NMR. While it is only a 45 MHz NMR and takes 72 scans to get a decent spectra, it’s still better than no NMR whatsoever. And if you look at the spectra they really aren’t bad. I mean they aren’t what I would deem publishable, but for checking to see if solvent is finally gone or to see if there is a major impurity, its great! I think, and I’ve suggested to the president, that they work with either some academics (PICK ME!!!!) or companies and adapt this thing to work with a flow device. That way you could really have in situ reaction monitoring. Imagine just watching you product form as time goes on. And if you could integrate it into a computer which recognizes when a product is coming off, you could simplify purification! I’m excited cause this means that there will soon be better and better versions with (hopefully) publishable NMR spectra quality.


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