First Publication!

After working for Dr. L for only a month or so I got my first publication (and first authorship too!) even if its only a Tet. Lett. paper. Better than no paper at all! Basically flow is a big thing and very popular in the literature right now, kinda how microwaves were a few years back. What we did for this paper is do reactions that are somewhat well know (Suzuki, Dihydropyridine, Pechmann Condensation) that give precipitates. Under pressure, they stay soluble (especially when they are being heated) but once they leave the heated zone they would crash out and clog the back pressure regulator. What we did was hook a T-piece between the BPR and the heated zone and hit it with an organic solvent the product was soluble in. You may wonder why we didn’t just do it in a solvent in which the product was soluble. Well, we did a control and if we did that, the yield drop dramatically. So our method was a perfect solution!


Kelly, C. B.; Lee, C.; Leadbeater, N. E. An approach for continuous-flow processing of reactions that involve the in situ formation of organic products Tetrahedron Letters, 2011, 52, 263-265.


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